Restore Your Faith In Humanity Through Music

Restore Your Faith In Humanity Through Music

Los Angeles festival curator Insomniac Events offers close-range, transcendent fun.

Breaking the monotony of everyday life is important for personal growth. If you spend any time on Instagram or Twitter, you will no doubt find yourself subjected to endless selfies and destination videos featuring massive soundscapes that produce pure euphoria.

Our humble desert home offers close proximity to some of California’s hottest and most exciting live music events, where transcendent moments of grand epiphany occur outside, amongst your closest friends and the hottest artists playing the freshest of grooves.

The fear of missing out can come on strong when you consider how much happens on any given weekend in your own backyard. Through word of mouth and a bit of digging, I have easily found enough happening year-round to keep a busy student enlightened and shake up anyone’s routine.

I interviewed my fellow Victor Valley College students to find out what is happening these days in the lively universe of festival events. Student Andy Villafuerte is a frequent visitor to festival events who tipped me off to the exciting events of promoter Insomniac Events.

Insomniac Events is a large promoter of live events based out of Los Angeles, California committed to putting on quality events focused on a positive and welcoming atmosphere. As of the date of this article, there are three large scale events scheduled by Insomniac from September 2019 through November 2019 that promise to provide mind-expanding artfulness and thrilling holiday-appropriate celebration.

On the weekend of September 14th to September 15th, 2019, Insomniac Events offered Nocturnal Wonderland at the Glen Helen Regional Park in San Bernardino, California. 70 specially-curated performers were scheduled to play on a variety of stages at this event that also provided spaces for activities such as art, yoga and camping.

Touted by their official website as rooted in culture and history, VVC Student Andy Villafuerte attended this event and spoke fondly of the experience. Andy had positive remarks about the camping experience and the welcoming nature of the crowd and gushed over the inclusion of his favorite remix that was played live in set by an artist he saw that Saturday. “The stage was an intense sight to behold and there were lights and lasers – there were also awesome pyrotechnics!” said Villafuerte.

I interviewed previous Nocturnal Wonderland attendee Allyssa Anaya and asked why a student would want to visit an Insomniac Event in their free time. “You really haven’t lived until you have been to one of these events,” said Anaya. “Nocturnal Wonderland had so many people from all different backgrounds getting along and dancing to the same beat. I know that every festival I attend gives me a chance to connect with others and restore some of my faith in humanity.”

Insomniac has chosen the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, California to hold their events for October and November 2019. On Friday, October 25th and Saturday October 26th, Insomniac Events featured Escape Psycho Circus, an eclectic music festival with a horrific theme appropriate for the Halloween season.

According to the festival’s official website, “sinister sights and rattling sounds will shock, amaze, beguile, astound!” With acts such as popular electronic music maker Deadmau5 scheduled to perform on Saturday and celebrated trap-music producer Metro Boomin scheduled for Saturday, a diverse lineup was curated for a spooky good time.

The Thanksgiving 2019 holiday will hold plenty of opportunity for fun as Insomniac Events puts on Dreamstate SoCal from Friday, November 22nd through Saturday November 23rd. According to the official website, Dreamstate is another curated festival event where admission grants you entry to wander and explore a “fantastical world of mesmerizing costumed performers, sublime art and visual effects, cutting-edge production, and the world’s leading trance artists.”

With the focused percussion of popular trance artists such as Above and Beyond and Gareth Emery, Dreamstate promises a transcendent experience through music and art that is sure to expand your mind. General admission tickets for Dreamstate SoCal begin at $155.00 plus fees and there are also payment and VIP options available. With destinations as close as your own backyard, Insomniac provides plenty of entertainment opportunities for the student who wants to let loose and have fun.

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