The Puente Program: A Bridge to Higher Education!

The Puente Program: A Bridge to Higher Education!

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Lyman Insley one of the head coordinators of VVCs Puente program, a program in almost all California community colleges and slowly making its way to other state community colleges. 

Q (Ramirez):What is the Puente program? 

A (Insley): The Puente Program a cohort (group) style setting where you are provided with college readiness but also support to endure the endless obstacles you will encounter into higher education.

Q: Why/when did it start? 

A: The program started sometime in the early 80’s specifically in community colleges, with the intent to help freshman transfer within two years. 

Q:What is the goal of it? 

A:To transfer with the skills and tools to move forward without guidance and knowledge to take on what comes your way in the university you choose to transfer to. 

Q:What are the requirements to join? Who can join?

A: You must be committed to taking the required guidance and english courses during Fall & Spring semester. 

Fall: ENG 101 GUID 101 ; Spring: ENG 104 GUID 107

Q: What are the benefits of being in this program?

A: You get direct access to a counselor (will be your teacher, you get to endure life experiences to prepare you for your future transfer to a University/Cal State. 

Q: Who would a student talk to to join?

A: Lyman Insley & Nathan Franklin 

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