Movies Among VVC Students

Movies Among VVC Students

Is Netflix better than the movie theaters? How much do college students really love movies?

Picture this; you’re at home and you just had a super long day at school. You couldn’t find parking, the library was crowded and you had a big math test. The last thing you want to do is cram more school work in your schedule. So the only option is to take a load off and watch a movie whether it be on Netflix or just taking the extra energy and going to the Movies.

This is the ultimatum that some college students face every weekend and because of this, they sustain their love for movies.

I asked 17 students around the VVC campus a series of questions regarding movies. I asked what some of their favorite movies were, When they started getting into movies, How they relate to different films, I they thought Netflix was better than actually going to the movies along with a few other questions.

When I asked them the question if Netflix was better than the movie theater, 16 of the 17 students I polled actually said that they are both great. They concluded that one is not better than the other because they both have their cons and their pros. I feel like this is because of our lifestyle and how we are on our laptops or computers half the time and also how we’re at home doing homework as well we tend to go on Netflix to take a load off of all the homework we accomplished. According to Netflix is the number one streaming service in the world right now. That’s saying something considering how big the world is and how they have solid, and perfectly adequate competitors.

Another question I asked them was how they can relate to a film like what mechanism do they use to really connect to a movie they like. All 17 said that it either had to share the same life experience they went through or are going through also they stated that they drew a connection if one of the main characters had a similar ethnic background as they did.

“If I find a connection with a character they need to always have growth in some way within the story,” said Zaria 19 “and they need to have a dynamic personality.” So that’s always refreshing to hear when people need more depth to really enjoy a movie character. Within this question of the 17 students and a quick poll; about half them echoed this statement.

Over the 17 students, I interviewed they had various answers to other questions I asked of “what are some of your favorite movies?”; they, for the most part, all had favorite movies of all kinds. From Jurassic Park to John Wick, to Atomic Blonde, to Avengers, To Friday, to Toy Story and two students had the same movie of Forrest Gump but one thing they truly had in common was that they all had a love for cinema.

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