VVC Mens’ Soccer Coach Shares His Approach and Wisdom

VVC Mens’ Soccer Coach Shares His Approach and Wisdom

It has not been an ideal start to the season for the VVC men’s soccer team. They started the season with a tough 3-1 loss against Cypress College. One thing they can count as a win throughout the season and beyond is the lessons learned from their coach Michael Bradbury.

Coach Bradbury has one expectation every season, “I expect to win and develop young men,” said Bradbury.

Bradbury has a tremendous track record coaching both the men’s and women’s soccer teams. He coached both teams at one point. “I’ve coached both the men and women teams… I had the women from 2001 to 2014,” said Bradbury. “I had the men from 2008 to 2011 at the same time.”

Bradbury’s coaching career started overseas playing in many different countries in Europe. “I’ve played soccer in England, Greece, Turkey and Spain,” he said. “Over there it is the only sport.”

Bradbury always wishes to implement his knowledge and love for the game. In his opinion, that and leadership are the keys to the program’s culture. “Leadership, 100 percent leadership.” said Bradbury.

More importantly, Bradbury wants the players to learn about the value of leadership and the fundamentals that build a leader.

Bradbury’s mentality and views steam from his love for the United States, “I remind them that they live in the greatest country in the world,” he said. “Where else can you play the sport you love and go to college.”

Bradbury reminds his players of the importance of not taking anything for granted, “take advantage of the opportunity, but don’t just be here as an athlete be here as a student as well, it can end up playing dividends later on,” said Bradbury.

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