How to Buy Textbooks more intelligently: More Paper in Your Books, Less Paper from Your Wallet

How to Buy Textbooks more intelligently: More Paper in Your Books, Less Paper from Your Wallet

Students that decide to add on “college” to their “student” title take on a lot of responsibilities – financial, academic, etc. Everyone knows that college is expensive – regardless of it being a four-year or two-year community college.

As soon as you decide to step foot on a college campus – whether that is physically or online – you must be prepared to spend a significant amount of money on higher education. Whether it is entirely out of pocket or with the help of some sort of financial aid, college students spend a ridiculous amount of money every semester.

Costs include:
● Parking
● Textbooks
● Classes/units
● Related materials and tools

You have to spend money to pass your classes. Whether it be at the campus’ bookstore or another resource. That’s the reality. At the Victor Valley College campus, one student alone spends at least $400 at the RAMS Bookstore. That is not an easy pill to swallow.

Joshua Adkins, a student at VVC, said that per semester he is at the least required to purchase five textbooks for his class load, and, that adds up to the spending of $80 per book at the bookstore. “I alone spent $175 on a psychology book at the campus bookstore,” said student Nadia Martinez.

On another note, student Samantha Johnson, spends at least $500 on the required four to five book load every semester, priced at $110 each at the bookstore.

Books, new or used, are absurdly high-priced.

So what’s the solution?

Online resources. They’re convenient and cheaper for the most part. Nowadays a good percent of college students are buying used textbooks online for a much cheaper price in comparison to the campus bookstore.

Recommended resources:


Bellow are some screen images of the popular alternatives to textbook buying for college students


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