Wasteland What? The Inside Scoop on the End of the World

Wasteland What? The Inside Scoop on the End of the World

In this image you can see a prime example of a Wastelander utilizing his middle finger in order to greet the photographer during a daytime ride. Photo Courtesy of Barry Mulling.

What would you say if I told you that you could survive the end of the world with me, and four thousand others? Now, what would you say if I told you that you’ve already survived the end of the world but you just don’t know it yet? That’s right, for the past ten years we have all survived the end of the world whether we realize it or not, the only difference is that some of us embrace it, while others simply live through it.

Although there’s nothing wrong with living through the end of the world, there is a certain amount of wonder lost in not embracing it, but fret not because that wonder is still attainable! With two days of work or two hundred dollars you could obtain a ticket to the five day full-immersion post-apocalyptic event known as Wasteland Weekend.

However, if you’re thinking that Wasteland Weekend is just another run of the mill festival, you are mistaken. As Wasteland Weekend management stated in their 2019 press release, “Unlike most other desert parties, car shows, or music concerts (and Wasteland is all three), this one requires ALL attendees to be in costume (even staff members and journalists).” They further  explained, (that) “The idea is to create a full-immersion effect, making festival goers feel like they’re inside a Mad Max-style movie for 5 days.

Furthermore, they state, (that) “Wasteland is no longer just a destination, it’s becoming a legitimate subculture. ‘Wastelanders’ socialize with one another year round, often forming ‘tribes’ with their groups of friends. In addition to Wasteland Weekend, there are numerous other events popping up to keep the fans engaged. Some, like the Wastelanders Ball, the Wasteland World Car Show, and Wasteland Weekend UK (in the planning stages) are official, while others are just inspired.”

Although Wasteland Weekend X, 2019  has already passed, there are still a plethora of opportunities to get involved in the Wasteland community until the day that you can officially make it out to the barren wastes of the Mojave Desert. You don’t have to wait until September 2020 (or any of the following years) to get involved and embrace the end of the world.

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