Why You Should Feel Safe at Victor Valley College

Why You Should Feel Safe at Victor Valley College

On Monday, September 23 during an interview with officer Javier Casas a Victor Valley College police officer, Casas discussed what an officer usually carries on themselves while on duty. Victor Valley College students should have no worries about safety on campus because our police force comes well equipped.

Officer Javier Casas

Each officer is equipped with keys, a Pelican flashlight, an official badge, and a standard-issue generation four Glock pistol that carries 22 caliber bullets which are a small but effective bullet and a two cartridge taser and finally a kevlar bulletproof vest with a fixed body cameras on the outside of their uniform which is a button-up black shirt with black slacks and polished black boots.

Besides the basics, there are some other necessary items an officer will carry being Oc spray a disabling spray like pepper spray, an extendable baton, two radios (one for the campus and one for the city), alongside two pairs of handcuffs and keys as well as forms that all officers have to fill out, however it is not required for officers to carry these in the car with them. These forms are generic right up forms officers have to fill out when they have encounters with students or faculty.

Each officer carries two extra magazines for the Glock 22. The magazine loaded into the gun holds 15 rounds. The total number of rounds on an officer at any given time is 45.

The officers also carry a ticket book and a laptop in their cars. These items help them log information about violations and deliver the actual citation to the person or vehicle.

VVC officers also carry gear for extreme situations such as an active shooter on campus. These items include a mini 14 rifle with ammunition, a helmet, and a reflection jacket for night situations where they may have to direct traffic. The mini 14 rifle is a lightweight semi-automatic rifle, usually a smaller rifle that can be left in toolboxes or trunks.

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