Market 760? It’s a Food Fair Party for All

Market 760? It’s a Food Fair Party for All

Q (Ramirez): What is “Market 760” and how often is the event?

A (Arsineda): Market 760 is a food festival built for High Desert communities to eat, drink and socialize. The event is new but we plan on hosting it during the warmer weather periods. So spring and summer it is.

Q: Where is the event/s held? Where can you go to inquire about the event/s? 

A: Our first two events were held at Adelanto Stadium. I remember when I was a kid and my dad would take our family there to watch the Mavericks play and now i’m throwing events there for the next generation to have a connection with the stadium. It’s a good feeling. 

You can follow our social media platforms or call the stadium.

IG: market_760  FB: market 760

Q: Who is allowed to the event? (age restrictions)

A: Everyone who wants to have fun, eat and enjoy being with their community neighbors

Just no pets lol 

Q: What should one expect, if they have never been to it? 

A: Lots of food, drinks, and smiles. I definitely aim to make this the biggest festival in the HD next to the fair. I mean, who doesn’t like to eat?!

Q: What makes Market 760 unique compared to any other food/farmers market? 

A: I think what makes it unique is that a millennial team is behind it so we definitely are creating an environment for the new generation and focus on bringing new ideas to an area that has been dry for a long time. It seems like the people appreciate it.

Q: If you are a vendor or looking to be part of the market who would you contact?

A: They can email us at

Q: Is there a price to be part of the food fair? 

A: There is but it’s reasonable. 

Q: In one sentence how would you describe this event?

A: An experience where one can  share with loved ones, but with the community as well.

Q: What would you consider the purpose of this event exclusive to the High Desert? 

A: Community engagement, Culture boost & Business development.

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