The Grind: VVC Students Chill at local Coffee Hangout

The Grind: VVC Students Chill at local Coffee Hangout

As Victor Valley College is filled with passionate faculty and a student base that is willing to push through
their academic journey, the college is lacking in one particular trend: a coffee shop. With cafés being costly, it’s understandable. However, it did lead to the question: “Where’s our local coffee shop?”

Located about three miles from Victor Valley College sits The Grind Coffee Shop. A small, yet comfortable shop that houses various knick-knacks along with delicious snacks and lattes in Apple Valley. The café was founded in 2006 and has since then been servicing the local community. While there are other coffee shops within the area, there are few to none that showcase a wholesome vibe for families throughout the High Desert. College students especially benefit from having an area of study to experience comfort and focus.

Various students from VVC had plenty to say about The Grind.

Psychology student, Kimberly Marin, said, “It really is a place for me to get a way for a bit and relax all while getting my work done, and I love that. Other shops are too busy, and it doesn’t feel like home. The Grind does.”

When entering the shop, one will immediately be welcomed by baristas. Additionally, the aroma of the shop will begin to welcome customers as they walk in. A musical selection from the late 90s and early 2000s is also a part of The Grind’s brand.

As the shop seats about 30 people, the comfort level is at a high, and finding a seat can get difficult. Customers vary as many are elderly couples grabbing a cup or groups of college students preparing for midterms.

“It’s a great place to come by and just study with friends,” said Nursing student, Teresa Gonzales. “I like their food, and I like being around this kind of atmosphere. Plus, their Seattle Freeze is amazing.”

The Grind is famous for this blended drink, The Freeze, which is a thick coffee drink topped with whipped cream and cinnamon. Grilled cheese sandwiches, breakfast sandwiches, and many other snacks are also on their menu.

So next time, when you are feeling a little overwhelmed, need a break, want to try out The Freeze, or just want to hang out with some friends, stop by The Grind and take in the atmosphere at this unique coffee shop.

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