VVC Freshmen: First Semester Impressions

VVC Freshmen: First Semester Impressions

College is a life changing decision that young students are forced to make in such a short amount of time. Once you make that decision of which junior college or university to attend does it immediately fill you with regret or happiness?

For Victor Valley College being a junior college that is saddled away in the desert terrain, it has some pretty positive feedback coming from freshmen on our VVC campus on their first semester of college.

When asked about their first opinion of the campus all of those questioned came back with positive remarks. “My first impression of the VVC campus was actually good,” said Kilika Aguayo, first year freshman on campus. “ I do really think that it is a nice campus for being a community college in the high desert.”

One student even mentioned the scenery, “My first opinion was that I thought it was a decent campus, and I like the pond,” said David Hull, first year freshman.

The high desert is not the most appealing setting for college goers so it always brings up the issue of whether or not this junior college has adequate resources. Many commented that they were surprised by what was offered. “I do feel that VVC has a lot of helpful resources for first time college students because you can really get the help that you need in any subject,” said Paris Gonzalez, VVC student.

When questioned on whether or not students feel that VVC is missing anything to improve their college experience one student did comment on a resource that he felt would be beneficial. “I think VVC should offer more tutoring for free,” said Christian Go. “We could use dining services and health services for students in need.”

For being a junior college campus VVC provides progressive educational resources to students and all that was received was an optimistic outlook from our future Victor Valley freshman graduates.

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