Warning: You’re Being Sold as a Product!

Warning: You’re Being Sold as a Product!

Movie Review: The Creepy Line

Just now typing into Google “how do you cite a documentary film in an essay?” reminded me of this film I recently saw, and I couldn’t help but contemplate how insane and accurate –how insanely accurate– the documentary film,“The Creepy Line” is. “The Creepy Line” is a jaw-dropping, eye-opening film regarding Google and Facebook.

Their promises, their power, their impacts, their good and bad influences on the world, their rise, and–most importantly– their dark side. Manipulation, opinion and view steering/ shifting, the creation of narrow individual bubbles, censoring, filtering, injecting, bias, the list of Google and Facebook’s dark sides goes on and on. However, recollecting from the film, one of the most jaw-dropping things that pushes Google and Facebook to the dark side is: selling us as a product!

The action of collecting so much of our online data with our blinded permission and selling it for revenue is astonishing and very, very clever. Facebook and Google are two monstrous and “creepy”–as the film puts it– personal information seekers and hoarders that will stop at nothing to keep up with our daily lives and routines and try to shift our opinions and views on anything and everything. At least, this is how the film paints it out to be. And, if one thinks about it, it is true. These two massive companies started off with a simple promise of positively impacting the world and bringing it closer through worldwide communication (Facebook), and the promise of limitless information and a world with an easy-to-use search engine which was like magic at your fingertips or with the click of a button (Google). These two started off as just that–a promise to us. No harm. As time passed, popularity increased, and newer competition came about, the question of how do we start making money?, crossed Facebook’s and Google’s minds. And, that is where it started to get more and more “creepy”. Google starts to branch out. It creates new platforms to try and stay in touch as close as possible to and with us–to our personal data. One can think of Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Photos, Drive, etc. As the film puts it, Google didn’t come out with these platforms to make our lives easier, but to have another source in getting information about us. And this, too [Google], ties in with Facebook. Ultimately, this is how these companies generate revenue, they sell you.

One other altering fact that I took away from this film, “The Creepy Line”, is that Google (and ultimately Facebook) shape our thoughts and feelings everyday! When one searches for something through Google it is filtered, ordered, censored, injected in a biased way. Google ultimately only shows you what you already know or what they want you to see. This can only make for individuals living in bubbles who come to have a narrow view of the outside world. What’s more, this makes for a much easier way of manipulation. One can think about significant issues, like political scenarios. Controlling what we have access to (like news) is just insane and very, very malicious. The documentary film concludes with the idea that the companies Google and Facebook have recently been stubbornly upbringing this old idea of “fake news”, only to distract us from the real scary issue that is of hoarding our valuable information and using that in whichever way they may find lucrative.

To conclude, however, I would say that the film, “The Creepy Line”, was insightful, beneficial, worthwhile, easy to follow through, and I would definitely recommend to my fellow peers and anyone who basically gives their permission through their own accounts on Facebook and/or Google which allows them to further manipulate our everyday lives through their sly ways.

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