Endearing or Distracting? Class Professors Turned Babysitters

Endearing or Distracting? Class Professors Turned Babysitters

Pictured: Professor Nathan Alexander of Morehouse College

It’s no question that being a parent requires hard work and dedication, but adding academic studies to the ‘things-to-do list’ is pretty impressive.

Many students have encountered discrepancies with their child care provider in the midst of class and test days.

Having to choose between going to class for a final exam or staying home to care for their child is an dilemma that students often have to face.

This difficult reality has sparked heart-warming, unconventional actions from professors all across the nation.

Morehouse College’s Nathan Alexander, University of Arkansas’ Bruce Johnson, University of Texas, Tyler’s professor Dr. Julie George and University of Louisville, Kentucky’s professor Dr. Daniel Krebs are just a few who stepped up when their student’s child care suddenly stepped down.

Some feel butterflies of empathy watching a professor hold a baby while teaching a class, others think it’s way too much of a distraction.

“I think it’s a good thing if a professor helps a student with their child because sometimes they don’t have anyone to take care of them (the children), but personally, I think it’s a huge distraction having a baby in the classroom,” said Valerie Viagomez, a Victor Valley College (VVC) freshman student.

She, like other students, believes it’s important that if a student must bring their child to school there should be a readily available daycare on campus but not in the classroom.

On October 14th 2019, VVC’s Child Development Program conducted a childcare survey due to the emphasis students placed on the need for affordable childcare on campus.

With the information gathered, VVC hopes that in the near future students will have more peace of mind while juggling parenthood and their academics.

VVC student-parents would certainly appreciate the kindness and understanding that seems to be a trend among professors across the U.S.

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