Coffee Girl meets The Grind

Coffee Girl meets The Grind

Hello friends, 

Welcome to the coffee corner, where we review local coffee shops and tea bars from an insider, college student perspective.  

Sometimes there are too many distractions when you’re studying at home. I’m here to help. In the coming weeks, we’ll test out local coffee shops and tea bars to see if they’re suitable for studying, have enough seating, hit the right price point, provide a comfortable atmosphere, and deliver on taste. 

At the end of each review, I’ll give you my rating and compare it to online ratings (like Yelp) so you can get some perspective.  

First stop was The Grind, a local Apple Valley coffee shop. It’s on Apple Valley Road, at least a five minute drive from VVC college. When I arrived, it was just hitting eleven o’clock AM. It wasn’t packed, but if you go on weekends and during finals week make sure you come early to get a good seat.

Their seating is good. They have single tables that fit two, comfy chairs circled around for big groups and one big table also for groups especially if you have a computer. I suggest always getting the big table if you have a lot of books to lay out and if you’ll be there awhile. Although I sat at the little tables and was able to fit my apple computer, textbook, notebook and my coffee order! They also have outside seating with umbrellas and tables. I suggest sitting outside when it gets warmer.

I was able to get my homework done, and there weren’t many distractions. If you’re anything like me, I love people watching, and this was the place! I listen to headphones when I work, but I took them out to listen to their music selection. It wasn’t bad. Not too loud, not bad music, and people weren’t talking loud. They do make blended drinks, so sometimes while they make drinks it could get loud.

Fun fact: when you come to The Grind and order just a regular coffee, they have canisters with all different kinds of drip coffee to choose from, including decaf! They also bring your drink and food to you. I thought that was great. You don’t have to be distracted by trying to hear your name.

The Grind has many drink items to choose from, but they also have posted their featured drinks where there you’ll find their famous Seattle Freeze also known as The Freeze. Ten out of ten! I would highly recommend trying this drink. I personally put peanut butter in mine (which is an additional 50 cents). 

Also, they have different milk options including almond, regular two percent, non-fat and soy. I ordered a large Seattle Freeze with peanut butter, and a Jalapeno bagel with cream cheese (addition $1.20). My total came out to $11.83. I know as college students we are known for “being broke” so I’m going to try and get the good deals for you!

As of right now, they do not have their Wi-Fi posted up, so when you buy something ask for the receipt and the code will be there. I looked on Yelp to see what they rated them. Yelp gave them four out of five stars. They said they have low staff, which means it takes them a while to help get your order. I understand sometimes it gets hard, and there might not be enough people, but that doesn’t happen all the time. When I went the staff was so nice, and they were super quick with my order!

Overall, I highly recommend going to The Grind for a study session, a quick bite to eat or just meeting with friends. Their warm welcoming atmosphere is a great place to unwind, relax, and focus on your work. Let me know about how your experience went at The Grind. Comment below with your thoughts. Until my next coffee run. Talk to you guys soon!

xoxo, coffee girl


About Kendra: I’m your coffee corner host. Here we talk about coffee and tea bars that cater to college students! I’ll rate the locations for you and let you know how they score with respect to distractions, study scene, pricing, atmosphere and, of course, taste!

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