Coffee girl meets Tonyan Coffee Roasters!

Coffee girl meets Tonyan Coffee Roasters!

Hello friends,

Prior to the COVID-19 confinement rules, I found another local coffee shop in the High Desert that’s worth noting. Tonyan Coffee Roasters, on Nomwaket Road in Apple Valley, is about a 13 minute drive from VVC, and the diversion is worth it. 

Tonyan wasn’t very busy upon my arrival at 11AM. Many people came in and out. There weren’t a lot of people studying, perhaps because spring semester just started at VVC. 

I was able to interview a good friend who works for Tonyan Coffee. Her name is Nina K. I asked her questions I thought would be helpful to my fellow college friends. 


Coffee Girl:What does Tonyan Coffee Roasters have to offer? 

Nina: An area where students, children and adults can come in, have some coffee, get a bite to eat and relax. [They can] enjoy our relaxed environment, and on a hot day come in and enjoy our homemade ice cream.

CG: Do many college students come in?

Nina: Yes. They come in and study, bringing their computers and notebooks. Many students come in to get a table and order their drink or food and stay awhile. 

CG: What is the most popular drink or food item? 

Nina: Salted caramel mocha. You could order that hot, iced or blended. To eat, I would say our cinnamon roll or our avocado toast. All of our ingredients are made here. Nothing is processed. It’s all organic. We buy local. 

CG:What makes Tonyan Coffee different when compared to other coffee shops? 

Nina: You’re helping a local business. We make everything ourselves unlike many other coffee shops that buy their ingredients from other manufacturers. We just started our own protein mix, so you could add that to any drink or our ice cream. 

I had never been to Tonyan Coffee before, and I’m so happy I was able to try this little coffee shop out. Their seating options are perfect for big group study sessions or even if you are studying solo. 

When I came in, it was a little overwhelming, perhaps because this was my first visit. There was a lot of stuff to look at. 

When you come in and go right, you’ll see more seating and a little shop with local business owners’ merchandise. Also, you can watch the employees make ice cream through a  glass window and buy the shop’s merchandise (coffee cups, mugs, shirts, etc.). They have comfortable seats and large tables to lay all your stuff out.

Tonyan was definitely very study-able, although their music was loud. If you like listening to music while studying, then I suggest not even bringing your headphones. You won’t be able to hear the music that clearly. If you don’t listen to music and want a quiet area, it’s a little quieter towards the right side of the shop. 

They have a little bar area where you can sit and enjoy some coffee while watching them make your coffee or your ice cream. I wouldn’t suggest bringing all your notebooks and computers up there. It’s a little small. 

Also, make sure you get your receipt because on the top of your receipt is the password for the Wi-Fi. I’m sure you could always ask them for it, but they’d probably just print out your receipt.

I thought the pricing at Tonyan was reasonable for broke college students like yours truly. I ordered a small iced caramel vanilla latte ($4.95) and a raspberry scone ($3.50). The total was $8.45. My drink came in a cute little mason jar (due to the COVID-19 many places may only put their drinks in their own personal cups).  It was so good. I could taste the difference between this one and other, typical coffee shops. It tasted very light and was just right for warm weather in the High Desert.

Overall, I recommend coming to Tonyan Coffee Roasters for a little study session and socializing. Their cute atmosphere is a good place to relax and be with yourself. Personally, I didn’t even feel like I was in the High Desert when I was there.

If you’ve tried it, please let me know how your experience went at Tonyan Coffee Roasters. Comment below or send a note to our contact page with the words “Coffee Girl” in the message. 

Until my next coffee run! 

xoxo, coffee girl

Welcome to the coffee corner, where we not only talk about coffee, I get to see if local coffee shops and tea bars have what it takes for college students! Sometimes studying at home there are too many distractions. I’m here to help my fellow college students out, testing if the coffee shops or tea bars are study-able, enough seating, price, the atmosphere, taste (of course) and at the end I will give an overall rating. Also I will be comparing the rating from online rating sites to see if what they said was true.


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