A Post-COVID-19 Guide to VVC Hangouts

A Post-COVID-19 Guide to VVC Hangouts

Four Key Spots for Bored Students

Are you bored between or after class and have nothing to do? Well, I’m here to help you out. If you’re an outgoing person or just want to meet new friends and don’t want to leave campus, I’ve got the list for you. Here are four great places to chill at Victor Valley College (VVC). 

The first spot is the cafeteria. This spot is the perfect place without any voice limitations. No one will be yelling at you for being too loud or too obnoxious, and better yet, you have a place to eat good food and snacks. Not to mention, VVC always offers some types of fundraisers or clubs that you might be interested in located outside the building. 

“Honestly, I always go there to meet up with my friends before class,” said VVC student Anthony Montavalo. “And I like it because they always have food so my stomach won’t growl.” 

If you and your friends want a quiet place to hang out, you should try the library. There are many computers inside that give you access to the internet so you can work on homework or find some interesting stuff online. You can also request study rooms online so you and your friends can work privately without any distractions. 

If you are looking for more of an exciting and cool place to hangout, sports games are just the place to go! While cheering on our VVC sports teams, you and your friends can be having a blast by yelling and screaming. This gives you a chance to completely forget about school work and enjoy the regular world while having fun. 

If you’re shy or mellow and prefer hanging out by yourself or with a small group of friends, the lake is relaxing and soothing. Sitting in the grass and watching the water gives you the perfect opportunity to clear your mind and relax. It is probably one of the prettiest views on the VVC campus, and it’s right in front of you. 

All of these places are located on our campus, and with an ASB card all of these places are free. So go out, have fun with your classmates and make new friends at all of these locations!

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