Explore Your Fashion Identity Through Thrifting

Explore Your Fashion Identity Through Thrifting

With fashion and style being ways that people could express themselves, the diverse fashion sense found at VVC has piqued my interest.

Fashion as a concept includes many different aspects. There are things to consider such as personal identity, trends and aesthetic.

During my elementary and middle school days, I was required to wear a white collared shirt and navy blue bottoms. There was no creativity or thought that needed to be put into my outfits because they were the same every single day.

Gizelle Preciado, a sophomore at VVC, can relate to my experiences. “My style definitely evolved over time,” said Preciado. “At first it was very difficult for me to match and find what goes together. All elementary, middle and high school I had to wear uniforms. I’m still trying to figure out my style but I think I have an idea.”

Visiting thrift shops, and purchasing clothing you might not usually wear is a good way to explore and develop your fashion sense. It also comes at a low cost, so if you happen to not like what you have purchased, it’s not such a loss. “My favorite thing about thrift shopping is that it’s cheap and they sometimes have hidden gems!” said Preciado.

Thrifting is a great way to develop your individual style. Here in the High Desert, there are some thrift stores one can visit. There are a couple well known options such as Goodwill and The Salvation Army. Then there are stores exclusive to the high desert such as Hesperia Leisure League, H & R Discount, and Apple Valley Thrift Store. Happy thrifting!

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