Rising VVC Musicians That Must Be on Your Radar

Rising VVC Musicians That Must Be on Your Radar

Photo above: The Wanderlust and the Weird Eyes

This year has been one of the most emotionally confusing years that our generation has seen. While being quarantined is not the most ideal situation, creativity has been at an all-time high. This is especially true for VVC student musicians Mihkinsi Lee and Jordan Watson.

Mihkinsi Lee is a 20-year-old guitar player. She began playing at eight years old and started performing in middle school. She currently plays in a band called The Wanderlust and the Weird Eyes that she describes as “punk, alt. rock, garage rock, and experimental rock.”

The band recently played their first show at The BallPit in Old Town Victorville. “VVC has helped me improve in music greatly,” said Lee. The VVC music professors have also helped Lee realize her full potential as well. “I’ve improved a lot in my guitar playing. Mr. Sumner definitely helped give me that push and understanding in guitar. Music theory has helped me as well thanks to Mrs. Collazos and Mr. Welch.”

Positive thinking is something that Lee genuinely believes has helped her grow as a musician. “Never let anyone or your own negative thinking hold you back from your dreams of being a musician,” she said. “You just gotta work hard and believe in yourself.” Although The Wanderlust and the Weird Eyes has no recorded music yet, their live music can easily be found on their Instagram @thewanderdustandtheweirdeyes.

Pictured: Mihkinsi Lee

Jordan Watson is on the other end of the musical spectrum. Watson is a 21-year-old Christian and gospel singer. He began performing and singing during his early childhood and has been doing so ever since. VVC helped Watson immensely in his musicianship, connecting him with great professors and other talented musicians on campus. He believes that VVC is a great environment to learn, teach, and write music. Watson explained that there are three main things to remember when it comes to being a successful musician. “The advice I would give to other musicians is first, to learn music,” said Watson. “You cannot apply knowledge you do not have. The more you know, the more you have to create with. Second, do not be afraid to create, and do not be ashamed of what you create. Your audience will find you. Third, nothing will ever be perfect, but strive for perfection and settle for excellence.” Watson is very excited to be releasing original music within the next year. Updates on Watson’s original music (as well as covers he makes) can be found at @JWMinistry on Facebook.

Pictured above and below: Jordan Watson

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