Supporting Local Small Businesses

Supporting Local Small Businesses

When the world faced the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people were either laid off or lost their jobs altogether. Large businesses struggled to stay open due to the closure of most states in the US. Unemployment rates skyrocketed, and millions were left to fend for themselves.

With everything being closed, and people and businesses struggling financially, Victor Valley College student and Victorville resident, Catherine Oliva had to make ends meet “It was hard to be financially okay when jobs were letting people go and bills continued to pile up”.

Recently, Oliva found herself financially unstable like other millions of Americans. She had to find a way to help her family and herself pay bills that were quickly accumulating. She recently started a small business that involves dogs.

 As a dog owner, Oliva found herself struggling to find clothing and accessories that fit her two dogs perfectly. Owning two large dog breeds, it was difficult to find “plus size” clothing for her pets.

Oliva took things into her own hands and decided to make and sell dog bandannas. As of recently, bandannas have become popular in dog fashion, but most pet stores only carry exclusive sizes, meaning that there’s minimal selection in sizing such as small,medium, and large.

Knowing this, Oliva started making and promoting her bandannas that have a variety of sizes. She carries from sizes extra small to double extra large.

Oliva has a passion for both pets and fashion. She loves to see the satisfaction on her customers’ faces. Although she’s only had her business for a short time, the few customers she’s had have been quite satisfied, myself included.

Oliva started a dog page earlier this year and has now over two thousand followers. She promotes her business, Modern Pup & CO, on community pages on Facebook, and in no time she will be on

Oliva’s advice towards college students who are still in college or have graduated is to “strategize and plan your business and make sure who your target customer is. Always manage your time well, and do not feel discouraged if at first it seems like your business is not taking off. Perseverance is key and eventually you’ll see your business flourish.”

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