What Type of Anime is for You?

What Type of Anime is for You?

Do you need a break from studying and have been curious about anime but don’t know where to start? Well, I am here to explain each demographic category of anime with a brief synopsis of shows that might interest you.

Shounen anime is a demographic category aimed at boys. These shows have a main character who wants to achieve their goal. For example, becoming the strongest, protecting their loved ones, winning the championships, or seeking revenge. A show in this category is Hunter x Hunter.

Hunter x Hunter is about a boy named Gon Freecss. He is determined to become a hunter just like his father, whom he has never met before. Gon meets people along the way who help him grow.

The demographic category aimed at girls is called Shoujo anime. It has subgenres, but it typically revolves around romance. The main character is trying to live a “normal” life or trying to better themselves. Some are looking for love, or it comes unexpectedly for them. An anime example in this category is Akagami no Shirayuki-Hime.

Akagami no Shirayuki-Himes: Shirayuki is a girl living in Tanbarun. Her specialty is working with herbs. Her life changes when Prince Raji notices her because of her red hair.

The Seinen anime demographic targets adult men. In this category, it tends to be more mature compared to Shounen. Seinen tends to be tricky. It does not have that black or white, good vs. evil aspect that a Shounen anime would contain. An example of anime in this category is Erased.

Erased: Satoru Fujinuma discovers a power that lets him go back in time and uses it to save lives. Somehow, he gets wrongfully accused of his mother’s murder, so he gets sent back to his childhood.

The demographic of Josei anime is adult women. Josei often tackles themes that Shoujo might not. For example, the realities of relationships, sex, drug use, abuse, etc. It doesn’t always have a female lead, as some might think. It can have a primary male role.

Paradise Kiss: Yukari Hayasaka, an example of a Josei anime character, has been working hard at school without a goal in life. One day, she is approached by a man, and it turns out he is a fashion designer and wants Yukari to model for their brand.

Now you have an idea about what each category is with an anime suggestion. I do recommend checking out myanimelist.net. They talk about anime and manga. I hope you enjoy watching anime, but don’t forget to study!

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