Three Amazing, Delicious, and Non-Fast Food Takeout Restaurants in the High Desert

Three Amazing, Delicious, and Non-Fast Food Takeout Restaurants in the High Desert

Between essays and project deadlines there is really no time to cook meals. So we find ourselves in the drive-thru line, even though we just had fast food yesterday or earlier that same day. I know I am guilty of it.

There are affordable takeout restaurants in the High Desert that might just change your mind about that drive-thru line.

“Yoshi Sushi is awesome,” said Evelyn Garcia, a Victor Valley College second year student. Yoshi Sushi is located on Kentwood Boulevard in Victorville. “The restaurant allows you to call in ahead of time, cutting time spent outside waiting around others. They have a great variety of rolls that are affordable because there is happy hour all day long.”

Around these times and with lockdowns happening, it might not be a good idea to dine in. A lot of places have outdoor seating, but now that the season is changing it might not be too comfortable eating outside in the cold.

Desire Garcia

“Manny’s restaurant is an authentic Mexican restaurant with over 21,000 followers on Instagram,” said Desire Garcia, A VVC first year student. “They have the best Mexican food up here. It’s authentic because it’s always cooked from scratch. It’s all 100% homemade. They have a peanut butter horchata. I remember the first time trying it. It was like nothing I have tasted before.” You can call ahead to make a takeout order. They are located on Bear Valley Road in Victorville.”

When you order takeout before arriving at the place, it’s a great way of missing those long lines. A lot of common fast food places, such as In and Out and Popeyes, don’t let you place an order ahead of time. These are both good fast food restaurants, but we often waste time we don’t really have as students.

Rosalena Lopez

“Fresh Wok is really good, I would say it’s even better than Panda,” said Rosalena Lopez, a freshman at Cal State San Bernardino. “They have better chow mein, wontons, and meats than Panda Express. Their wontons and egg rolls are a good size. They are also very affordable and give you a large amount of food. They even have drinks like Asian teas and coconut water. You can always call ahead, but every time I go the lines are also very short.” They are located on Main Street in Hesperia.

These three takeout restaurants are all better than any fast food drive thru. They are affordable, delicious, and authentic. They are all local restaurants in the High Desert, no longer than 10 minutes from Victor Valley College.

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