VVC Students Share Study Break and Mental Health Tips

VVC Students Share Study Break and Mental Health Tips

College is not easy. You have to be motivated and interested. You have to go through hours of lecture and homework, turn in projects, study for exams, and much much more.

Alissa Garcia

“Some instructors will turn a three unit course into a four unit course with the amount of work they give out,” said Alissa Garcia, a Victor Valley College student transferring to Cal State San Bernardino as a standing junior. “More assignments push the limit towards how many hours you should set aside for that particular course. However, you do have those professors who are there to help you and guide you through their course and help you succeed. You have to appreciate those willing to help you and hope that you choose the right professor to want to keep looking forward to learning.”

Students need a break. We need time to recharge and take care of ourselves. For weeks or even months at a time students are doing school work non-stop, sometimes feeling like obstacles to the process. We get burned out and exhausted. Some students cry before exams and essay deadlines.

Sarah Graves

“Having experienced getting my bachlor’s degree and now working on getting my EMT license, it feels like the stress and workload never gets easier,” said Sarah Graves, a graduate from Cal State San Bernardino and VVC EMT student. “As a college student, we were not only being asked to balance school life, but also work and our personal life. It gets to be so overwhelming.”

Students should have a week just to themselves. One week where we do not have any school work, homework, or exams. One week where we can take a break and maybe even talk to our counselors and see where we are at. One week where we do not have to worry about turning in anything and studying for an exam. One week where we can relax and focus on ourselves and maybe even family.

Rosalena Lopez

“We should have a week off,” said Rosalena Lopez, a freshman at Cal State San Bernardino. “Sometimes there are teachers that still give assignments while we are on spring or Thanksgiving break. We should have a week where we don’t have any assignments, and where we spend time relaxing with our families and friends.”

Remember, there are students who can be any age; there are mothers, fathers, and children. There are students who are as young as 17 and could be as old as 80 that go to college and that need a week to relax, recharge, and make sure they are healthy mentally, physically, and emotionally.

As students, we need to find ways to help ourselves when we are frustrated, depressed, and overwhelmed. We need to start taking care of ourselves better so that we can keep moving towards our goals. “Let not the tears of struggle determine failure of your future, only the strength to keep pushing forward will you find success,” said Alissa Garcia, VVC student transferring to Cal State San Bernardino as a standing junior.

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