Anime Recommendations from College Students

Anime Recommendations from College Students

Need a break from studying, but don’t know what to watch? Here are some anime recommendations from college students in the High Desert.

“An anime show I completed recently was The Promised Neverland,” said Vanessa Valenzuela, a second-year student at Victor Valley College. “I would totally recommend this show to others because of the suspense and twists. It kept me on my toes.”

The Promised Neverland: Grace Field House features an orphanage with a caretaker. The children all live comfortably until Emma, Norman, and Ray, the smartest kids, soon find out the hidden truth about the orphanage.

“I finished watching the anime movie Your Name the other day,” said Kimberly Morales, a Cal-State Fullerton student currently living in the High Desert. “I would recommend this movie to others. It has good visuals and a great plot! With my busy class schedule, sometimes I don’t have time for a series, so I prefer to watch movies instead.”

Your Name features two teenagers named Mitsuha and Taki that swap bodies. They have never met before in real life because there is a great distance between them.

“My favorite anime show would be Noragami,” said Vanessa Valenzuela, VVC student. “I could watch this show multiple times and still enjoy it. My favorite movie would be Perfect Blue because it’s trippy, and sometimes you can’t tell what is real or fake.”

Noragami features a teenage girl named Hiyori who meets a small god who wants to get famous and have a shrine dedicated to him.

Perfect Blue is about a singer who leaves her band to pursue an acting career but notices she has a creepy stalker.

“My favorite show is Nana because it brings two different types of people together,” said Kimberly Morales, CSUF student. “My favorite movie would be The Girl Who Leapt Through Time because the story was bittersweet.”

Nana is a story about two women with two different personalities but with the same name. They become roommates and good friends, but the ups and downs of life get in their way.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is about a high school girl who discovers time travel and uses it to her advantage for her everyday life.

I hope you enjoyed these recommendations from college students! Take breaks from studying and stay hydrated! Good luck with the final exams!  

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