Victor Valley College Discuss Their Favorite Music Genres

Victor Valley College Discuss Their Favorite Music Genres

During the pandemic, students went about their usual hobbies to stay busy inside their homes. People had more time on their hands to read a book, some may have begun to look at workout videos on YouTube, and others continued to do school online. All these activities share one thing in common – they all work well with music.

VVC student Jacob Gutierrez

The majority of people love listening to music. They can listen to music on the way to work, playing video games, or tidying up at home. We like to listen to music when simply hanging out with friends. Most stores have music playing while we are doing our grocery shopping or looking for clothes.

Your fellow peers share with us their favorite kind of music and the benefits.

“Well my favorite type of music to listen to is rap music,” said Jacob Gutierrez, a second year student at Victor Valley College (VVC). “I usually listen to rap all the time but the most when I work out or do homework. I think the benefit of listening to rap music is just hearing different perspectives.”

Jessica Marin, VVC student

“I listen to indie, rock, alternative, EDM, rap, R & B, and a little bit of everything honestly except country,” said Jessica Marin, another VVC student. “I love listening to music when I’m studying, cleaning, driving, or while I get ready to go out. It helps me release stress. It all depends on my mood. For example, if I’m mad, I would like to listen to rock or rap. Or if I’m sad, I’ll listen to something more mellow. Even getting ready and listening to music can help boost confidence.”

VVC student Maria Gonzalez

Some students preferred a more specific music genre and let their peers know what to expect from it. “I listen to all kinds of music, but I mostly listen to corridos,” said VVC student Maria Gonzalez. Corridos are a genre of Mexican music. “I wouldn’t really recommend it to anyone that doesn’t like Spanish songs.”

“I like listening to any music but mostly Reggaeton Spanish music,” said Judith Valdez, a second year VVC student. “I listen to this music every day. I gain confidence, and it’s like therapy to me.”

Most students interviewed recommend the music they like to their friends. “It’s a way to let loose and to express what you feel when you can’t explain what you feel,” said Valdez.

“I would recommend rap to people because there’s different genres that rap combines,” said Gutierrez. 

“It doesn’t matter if the lyrics are in a different language,” said Marin. “It’s all about jamming out to it and having fun! About experimenting and listening to new tunes because music is beautiful and anyone can enjoy it.”

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