The Freedom of On-Campus Living vs. Returning Home During the Pandemic

The Freedom of On-Campus Living vs. Returning Home During the Pandemic

Pictured above: Tiffany, University of California at Riverside junior.

Once we graduate from high school, we are sent forth to spread our wings into the real world.

This includes transitioning to life on our own.

Tiffany, a University of California at Riverside (UCR) junior majoring in business, offered some of her thoughts about living by herself on campus then returning home during the pandemic.

“The high school environment is different from a university environment,” said Tiffany. “In high school, I was given a schedule and expected to follow it every single day. In college, I enjoy the flexibility of my classes and being able to make my own daily schedule.”

When adjusting to on-campus life, students are faced with potential roommates. “Living by yourself is a different environment than living with roommates because you live with people you’ve never met before,” said Tiffany. “We all have different classes and sleeping schedules, which makes it difficult to find peace and quiet.”

Now students have to consider the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak and class shut-downs. This can hinder interactions between teachers and students. A lot of students were forced back home during quarantine, as well.

Tiffany had to return home and live with her parents once the pandemic hit. “It feels lonely being at home and doing online classes,” said Tiffany. “I miss the student and professor discussions held during lectures. This helps me understand the concepts in class better by being able to have human interactions with my peers. Being home can be lonely without interacting with my friends.”

However, Tiffany found that being at home offered some opportunities. It wasn’t all negatives.  “I found out that I enjoy teaching myself new hobbies,” said Tiffany. “It gave me the opportunity and time to invest in more valuable education. I’ve picked up reading as a hobby and taught

myself the stock market.”

Regardless of studying in the classroom or at home, Tiffany is still focused on finishing her

degree early within the year of 2021. “In five years, I see myself working as a hedge fund manager or having a career in finance,” said Tiffany. “I plan on pursuing a real estate career

as well as an investing career.”

Despite Covid-19, many universities are improving the ways they help students achieve their goals no matter where they are. The situation is developing week to week.

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