5 Must Have Self-Defense Tools for College Students

5 Must Have Self-Defense Tools for College Students

With the potential for classes to resume in person for the Fall 2021 semester, it is important to keep yourself safe. Self defense tools are popular not just for campus life, but for every day errands. 

These tools are used by people going for a walk, going to the store, getting something to eat, basically anywhere and everywhere they might be alone or out at night.

Luckily, self defense tools can be affordable for lots of people. Below is a list of five popular tools from Amazon all under $12. Prices listed are for Prime members. Items may cost more without a membership. Students get a six months free Amazon Prime membership, $6.99 a month after free trial ends.

Here are my top five recommendations for college students that want to stay safe on campus. 

  1. Personal Alarm Siren Song – $9.99

Personal alarms are easy to use and great for alerting others if you are in an unsafe situation. To use, all you have to do is pull the pin on the side of the device to activate and to deactivate simply place it back in. 

  1. Self Defense 5 pack Aluminum Defense Keychain – $10.99

Pick-like keychains are perfect when in close contact with someone attacking you. Simply hold it in a stabbing motion and jab backwards if being held from behind or hold between the fingers (Wolverine style) and punch if the attacker is coming at you from the front. This is a great alternative for holding a key between the fingers which can be ineffective and potentially hurt you more than the attacker. Here is a video on how to properly hold your key if you are unable to purchase this tool.


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  1. SABRE RED Pepper Spray Keychain – $9.81

This pepper spray has a 10-ft spray range and can be turned on by sliding the protective lock to the side and holding the button down. Perfect for keeping a distance and preventing injury to yourself by getting too close to a dangerous situation. As a young college student, I carry this product with me everywhere because you never know when it might come in handy and it is great in plenty of situations.

  1. VIPERTEK Mini Stun Gun – $9.99

The VIPERTEK Mini Stun Gun is rechargeable and has an LED flashlight built in. It is easy to carry in your pocket, purse, backpack or hand without being too clunky in an emergency. If someone is coming at you all they need is quick zap and they’re down long enough for you to get away. You can even do a warning zap to scare a potential attacker away before things get serious. 

  1. Resqme Car Escape Tool – $10.99

While not a self defense tool, this seatbelt cutter/window breaker is a must have for your car or to keep in your purse. If you get into an accident and become stuck or you are trapped in someone else’s car, this tool can help you escape in an emergency.

When buying self defense equipment, it is important to know what is and isn’t legal to carry on you in your state. A popular self defense tool that is not legal to have in California is the cat shaped keychains with sharp ears. They are considered a form of plastic brass knuckles, or plastic knuckle dusters, and could land you in trouble. 

My list above includes just a few types of legal, popular tools perfect for an emergency situation and won’t break the bank.

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