Google docs hacks for students

Google docs hacks for students

As a college student, I understand the importance of using Google Docs for my assignments. From the autosave feature to the easily accessible and understandable format, Google Docs has been my go to typing processor since high school.

Google docs is great and has potential as a word processing tool to help you excel in your academic career. But Google Docs add-ons make the platform even more valuable.

As students, we’re often perplexed with quickly evolving technologies and wish we knew about the kinds of hacks that can make life simpler. Google Docs has several different add-ons that I wish someone had shared with me. 

All these add-ons can be found by going to the main menu in of your docs, clicking on the add-ons menu, and selecting “get add-ons.”

  1. EasyBib – I have found that I have been able to use the EasyBib citations for a range of assignments. From Scientific Journals to Film Analysis to Critical Analysis to Psychology, etc.. This shouldn’t be a primary tool, as citations become more strongly upheld at higher institutions, but I have yet to have a community college professor complain or share disinterest for the website. The website has had the Google Docs addon feature for a few years, and it has been a life and time SAVER. I cannot express enough how much I love this add-on. In addition to the auto-cite feature, it includes a “paste in doc” feature which after searching and adding your citation to a list, will automatically add your citation page within the doc. 
  1. HelloSign – This is a great add-on that offers the ability to sign a document. Do you have a letter of recommendation, legal document, or contract to sign? This add on makes it easy to add your own signature using your computer or laptop to any of your docs. 
  1. OneLook Thesaurus- This Add-on Is definitely another favorite. To my English Majors– this add-on was designed with you specifically in mind. Have you ever written an essay and felt you were recycling or repeating specific words? Before installing this add-on feature, I found myself skimming through synonyms with no correlating definitions to the word I entered in the search bar. With this add-on I just open it up and a side window opens so I don’t have to switch between tabs and add time to the assignment. It offers synonyms, antonyms, triggers, rhymes, adjectives,and more. It is definitely a tool you’d want to add and use if you are anything like me and want to seem intelligent with a range of vocabulary. 
  1. Search and Navigate- This is a great tool and add-on for research thesis and journals, or if you’re a writer working on a book. This add-on will allow you to transform your doc into an Ebook and add a table of contents as well as chapters that are easily accessible and just as easy to navigate through. This in combination with the autosave feature on Google Docs is great if you have been searching for a processor to begin that book or start a rough draft for a story. 
  1. Docs Paragraph Translator – If you are taking a foreign language course and want to make sure your papers make sense, then this is the add on is for you. After you’ve written out your paper on docs, open up the add-on and you’ll be able to copy your paper over to translate it. This is great for anyone hoping to improve their linguistic skills. The small window allows you to translate by term or phrases, and it can translate dozens of dialects. 

If you were like me and never really paid much attention to add-ons, I hope you take this as a sign to download and start using them. These add-ons have truly made my workload lighter and ideally better. Both the efficacy and quality of my work have drastically improved and made assignments less intimidating to tackle. 

One last thing. Though not a doc add on, one great Google Chrome extension worth noting is Grammarly. If you haven’t heard of grammarly, it’s a website that traditionally uses a copy and paste function to revise literature pieces and essays, but has recently released a chrome extension that is easy to download directly from their website. I highly recommend it, as it makes suggestions in real time while typing and is google docs friendly. Even as I was typing this article, several suggestions were made, and I could choose to correct or keep them. It definitely has saved me some time with embarrassing typos. Life is pretty hard as it is, so don’t let a paper make it harder.