Mekayla Burnett

Mekayla Burnett

The Quarantine’s Miracle

The pandemic has brought a lot of hardship, deaths, and just pain overall, but we should also see what it has or might open up for us in this time. In this particular situation, a past college student from Victor Valley College (VVC) was given opportunities she didn’t think were imaginable at this point. Just when she believed her career was over, it took a shocking turn. 

Over the weekend, I interviewed Mekayla, finding out just how she became the person she is today: business owner, model, Influencer, Youtuber, and Entrepreneur. Here’s the inside scoop.

When did you start thinking of doing a business? How did the idea come to you?

She began thinking of the idea over five years ago but just started getting serious about it in May of 2020 because of Covid and needing money.  Her business Kays Coffee Scrub was started unintentionally, and she was sort of thrown into it but is very happy for it and happy to help people and see their skin change positively. She said her friend called her one day and said her skin was awful and that she needed something for it and if Kayla had something. Kayla said yes and said she has a coffee scrub she makes. Her friend asked how much, and Kayla said nothing, the friend insisted, and Kayla gave a price. Her friend ended up loving the product and how her skin was looking posted about it on social media. No sooner others began asking if they could buy it.  

What was your original career going into college?

Her original career going into college was a Bio Major and still is. She wants to be able to work legally with animals and people. Holistic care and zoology are interests of hers that both fall under a Bio Major. She currently wants to go back to college and; is in a program to become a certified Birthing Doula in Postpartum and a Fertility Consultant.

Were there times you just wanted to give things up because they got hard? What kept you motivated?

 “Yes, I always want to give up and quit.” “The only thing keeping me going is I’ve been down for so long, and going up is the only way.” She has already hit rock bottom and wants the world to know that there are many sleepless nights when entering any career, especially dealing with people; tears are sometimes more than smiles; it is hard. But it is worth it because she loves helping people and wants to have generational wealth. Currently, she is the only one who has the freedom to hustle and make money and help her family.

When did you start modeling, and how did you get your connections? How did you get your name out there? What are the goods and bads of your career and Business?

Mekayla has wanted to be a model since she was twelve, but in Victorville, there weren’t many options or chances of success. Needless to say, so her Modeling career didn’t begin till she moved to Vegas and was around the age of 21-21. When asking her this question, she responded so honestly, saying. It was tough to get out there, at first, mainly because of her look and height. Just because she doesn’t care doesn’t mean others don’t. She dealt with a lot of rejection and made it known that a support system is critical and word to mouth is the best and most common way for models to be known.  A lot of other people helped her to get where she is today. Initially, she tried her social media to get noticed, but that didn’t work out as she wanted it to. She explained how people are looking for friendly people who also work well with others; that is how and what she got referred for. 

For Mekayla, modeling kicked off at the start of Covid, “when I thought it was gonna be over for me,” and it started not by her asking for modeling gigs but by her asking and applying to be the makeup artist for models on modeling pages. Through that, many asked her to be the model instead because they liked her look. So this is how she slowly sort of dipped her feet in and experimented. When I asked if it was stressful for her, she responded with, “It is stressful but isn’t as stressful as it is for others because of my family’s support.”  She also added that going into any career, you want a support system of some sort, so you’re not alone. As for diet restrictions as a model, some are mostly when you go through an agency. Mekayla already has restrictions, but only because she is Vegan, and that is the lifestyle she chose, but she eats what she wants in moderation; she does not limit herself. Besides, she has been told to lose weight and go on diets but does not listen because she doesn’t care what people have to say about her body. She said a great quote was,” what’s for me is made just for me, as I am.” Her main thing when it comes to anything is she does not let anyone make her stress about how she looks. If she has to stress, then she doesn’t need it and will find a new gig. Mekayla smiled and said how she was extremely thankful and glad that she learned that when she did and at that age, she was instead of too late in life. Also, because she is not signed to any agencies, she gets to make these choices. She then discusses how in a modeling career, height is a thing, but no one should care, that you should still apply if you are interested in modeling because every agency has loopholes to their requirements. Even if one agency’s requirements were for someone who is White, blonde, blue eyes don’t matter, and she would still apply.

Part II (coming soon)