Influencer Interview: From Meeting Your Favorite Celeb to Becoming One

Influencer Interview: From Meeting Your Favorite Celeb to Becoming One

Have you ever wondered what it was like to meet a celebrity? Maybe even wondered what it was like to become one yourself?  Rachel Javier is a 20-year-old student at the University of California San Diego who is majoring in Communications. Rachel began to gain an audience when she began making TikTok’s rating celebrities she has met. Her TikTok went viral and got the attention of over four million people. Now Rachel has gained a following for herself. I was able to have a chat with Rachel all about what her experiences have been like.

Anissa: What was the TikTok that first went viral for you?

Rachel: I would say my first TikTok that went viral was my “Rating Famous People I Met” video with 4M views. I took on the Hannah Montana audio where people rate things and rated my experiences with a few famous people.

Anissa: Have you had any bad interactions with an influencer or celebrity?

Rachel: Majority of the time, I have had good interactions. Sometimes they won’t want to take a photo or have a conversation, but I find it to be understandable.

Anissa: Who has been your favorite celebrity and influencer you met and why?

Rachel: My favorite celebrity I’ve met would have to be Niall Horan because he’s one of my favorite people in the world, as I have loved him so much since the One Direction days. He was so kind when I met him, and I even told him about how I started playing golf because of him and made the varsity team at my school. He was so excited to talk and expressed how he was proud of me which meant a lot.

Anissa: Have you gotten any opportunities because of your TikTok following?

Rachel: I actually am a music marketing intern for Flighthouse Media, an entertainment brand and production studio that works with top influencers, artists, labels, and brands to create unique marketing campaigns. I feel like when interviewing for this position, my experience with TikTok greatly helped me as I understood TikTok trends and influencers well. I have contributed to creating campaigns for top artists like Lil Nas X and Kali Uchis to market their new music via TikTok and influencer marketing. Working on campaigns, I use my understanding of what’s popular on TikTok and what my followers enjoy to come up with creative ideas for artists’ songs.

Anissa: Did you ever think that meeting these celebrities would lead to your own personal following?

Rachel: I definitely did not as I always just thought of meeting celebrities I like as for my own enjoyment. I always told myself I would make a YouTube channel to share my experiences meeting celebrities, but TikTok has made it easier for me to create content in short-form videos to share with people.

Anissa: What has been your favorite event you attended?

Rachel: I would have to say Jingle Ball 2015. I was able to see One Direction before they went on hiatus and hear some of their recently released songs I love that few people had heard live at the time. I also got to see other artists I love like Shawn Mendes, 5 Seconds of Summer, The Weeknd, and Selena Gomez.

Anissa: How do you get paid by TikTok?

Rachel: I get paid through the creator fund! I think it’s like $30 per million views, so not that much! But this is just something I do for fun, so I don’t really care for the money.

Anissa: Is it important for you to use your platform to speak up about global issues?

Rachel: Yes, when important issues arise I make sure to post on my Instagram story to bring education and resources to my followers.

Anissa: How has it been meeting celebrities since Covid started?

Rachel: I don’t go out to LA for the purpose of events or meeting celebrities anymore, so I haven’t met anyone since before the pandemic! However, I did attend the American Music Awards where they tested everyone twice before the event and socially distanced everyone with masks for the show! I enjoyed seeing some celebrities I like from a distance and getting a taste of the live shows I missed!

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Instagram: @ra.c.hel

Tiktok: @Rachel.Javier