Local Hiking Trails and the benefits of the outdoors

Local Hiking Trails and the benefits of the outdoors

As the summer approaches we would all like to get out and enjoy the weather. A great way to do so is by hiking. Whether you choose to go out by yourself or with a group of friends hiking will be a blast as well as challenging. There are several trails nearby that are great to hike. If  you are a beginner trying to find a new hobby or an expert looking for new trails here is what there is to know. 


Hiking is great for the body and mind. There are several great benefits that come with hiking. For one, hiking is a great way to escape the stress and anxiety of school. As students we all have tests, exams, assignments and other school work to worry about. Hitting the trails will help you release your stress and anxiety. Some other benefits of hiking are improved balance, strengthens your core, improves your blood pressure and also boosts bone density. Hiking also boosts your mood.  Research shows that hiking has a positive impact on combating the symptoms of stress and anxiety. Being in nature is ingrained in our DNA, and we sometimes forget that. 

Local Trails and Hikes

A great way to find local trails is an application called AllTrails. Alltrails provides information on any hiking trail. This information is posted by hikers that have completed the trail. The information shared is very important and contains the level of difficulty, distance, elevation change, and route type. Another great way to find local trails is groups on facebook. You can find local groups on facebook that hike once a week or every other week. These groups range in size and experience so whether you are a beginner or an expert you will find what you are looking for. Start on smaller trails then work up as you begin to gain experience and endurance. 

The following pictures below are from local trails. From beginner to expert: 

Etiwanda Falls

Mount Baden Powell 

Mount San Gorgonio 

Tips and Tricks

Make sure you download an offline map and if possible never hike alone. When you are out on the trail cell service may not be available. Getting lost or making a wrong turn is common when hiking, especially if it’s your first time on the trail. Having a map of the trail downloaded on your phone can save you from a mistake. Hiking in a group or with a partner is also suggested. A hiking partner or group is good for good company as well as for  safety. 

Wear the appropriate gear. Wear the appropriate clothing and appropriate footwear. Choosing a hiking shoe or hike boot with good ankle support is important. The correct hiking boot can save you from getting an ankle sprain. 

Stay hydrated!!!! Bring sufficient water, especially if you are hiking on a warm sunny day. If hiking with a partner or group bring extra water, in the event that your partner or partners did not bring enough for themselves.