Covid-19 Challenges VVC Parent-Students

Covid-19 Challenges VVC Parent-Students

Over the past year and a half, we’ve all had to get used some new terms.




“A new way of life.”

“New normal.”

During these times, it has been difficult for many, especially college students who are also parents.

Victor Valley College (VVC) students have had to convert over to distance learning over the past year. With that many college students who are parents have had to adjust to changes as well as with children being home, loss of work, and adjusting to the “new” way of life.

I had the opportunity up close in person to see it for myself and speak with VVC students about how it is adjusting being a parent during this pandemic and distance learning.

I did an anonymous poll of questions on VVC chat and Discuss Facebook group where I let people inbox me their experiences of parenting during Covid-19 while attending VVC to better understand the personal effects.

How has Covid-19 impacted you and your family?
Students’ responses to this question were quite broad. I had many ranging from benefiting and their lives changed dramatically. Anonymous Student #1 said, “Since Covid-19, my family has been very blessed to not be impacted as so many others, especially financially. I am a stay at home mom going to school while my husband works. He was able to continue work through the pandemic, however my 6 year old son was forced (among so many others) to stay home and start distance learning.”

Anonymous Student #2 said, “Unfortunately my whole family caught Covid-19, and my husband had to stay home from work for three weeks. We have yet to recover from it financially.”

Has converting to remote learning had an impact on the household?
Remote learning has had a big impact when speaking about Covid-19. The students at VVC have stated that, “Remote learning has not worked in their households, grades have dropped drastically.’” Others said remote learning has made their education more accessible, making being a full time student and parent much easier.

Many students that are parents have adjusted so quickly to remote learning because it has allowed them to work from home while having access to their children without the stresses of having to convert to school and finding babysitters.

How is balancing the parent life, school life, and work life in times like these?
Remember that you are not alone when it comes to your educational balance. Your peers at VVC are facing the same obstacles. Students are facing loss of work while still being a parent and staying on top of school work. One student suggested, “Stay positive. Whatever you put your mind to you can accomplish. Do not let Covid-19 get you down.”

What advice would you give to another parent trying to pursue school while being a full time parent?
As a student, I know how hard it can be balancing multiple tasks. So many students gave their feedback on how they balance. One student-parent said, “It is stressful, but doable. Just keep the mindset that once you finish your degree, it will provide your children a better life and show them that hard work pays off. Get as much help as you can. Take advantage of CalWORKs, EOPS and other resources on campus.”